X-Pro C Go Bananas Fruit Facial (Single use Kit)

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X-Pro C Go Bananas Fruit Facial is a fruit delight packed with natural essence of banana, papaya & jack fruit. Go Bananas Fruit facial makes your skin naturally supple, toned and gives a moisturised glow.

Pack Contains:

  1. Dewy Cleanser
  2. Fruit Gel Scrub
  3. Smoothe Creme Massage
  4. Cooling pulp mask
  5. SPF 30

Suitable for All skin types, Patch Test recommended for Hyper sensitve skin | For Use in Professional Salons only.

  1. Dewy cleanser - Apply on face & neck, mildly massage for 3 mins, wipe off with cotton
  2. Fruit Gel scrub  - Spread on face & neck, massage and exfoliate very mildly for 2 mins, remove with wet cotton
  3. Smoothie Crème Massage - Massage on face 8-10mins, till the cream is fully absorbed on skin, no need to touch water. 
  4. Cooling Pulp Mask  - Apply the Pulp mask on  face & neck, leave for 8 mins, remove with moist cotton.
  5. SPF 30 - Dot a small quantity over face and neck, spread thin and blend well

Patch Test recommended. To be done by a certified salon professional only. Training mandatory for the salon professional before use. For external use only. Please write to for detailed SOP and training.

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