Intenso Peel off mask (Anti Ageing + Whitening) powered with White Mulberry

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This whitening & firming peel off mask powered with White Mulberry and Bio Compatible Collagen gives a cool, and firm feel to the skin while lightening the skin and delivering a uniform glow across. 

The marine algae, when mixed with water forms a hydrocolloid gel, which helps slow migration of nutrients in to the skin and absorb/remove toxins from skin surface. Alginate mask restores skin hydration which in turn results in remarkable improvement in skin appearance – Smooth, Fresh, Youthful and Radiant. 

Add water slowly and whip into a thick non-drip paste, apply on face and neck and leave on for 15-20 mins. Peel off from the edges in a single piece.
Recommended for Professional Use only.

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