Intenso Lightening Facial Cleanser (Face Wash) for Normal to Dry Skin 200 ml

Intenso is powered by Tri-Lactiv Technology which harnesses natural actives and promises high-end delivery via safe, potent ingredients sourced and tested from laboratories across the globe. ​​​​Developed as a professional salon and clinical range used by Skin therapists, Intenso works to improve skin texture, look and feel and overall well-being of the skin with regular use. A leading and popular choice among acclaimed skin aestheticians across geographies - Intenso's home care series is the most sought-after care regimen among regular salon going customers. Now available to pamper and care for your skin.

  • GOODBYE TO DRYNESS - Bid adieu to dry, dehydrated skin with Intenso Lightening Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin. A must have in your daily regimen of skin care, this lightening face wash gives you supple, moist skin.
  • CLEAN, BRIGHT, GLOWING SKIN - Has Advanced Skin conditioners which, together with gentle cleansing agents care for your skin with optimal hydration and a visible, lasting radiance with every wash
  • POWERED BY TECHNOLOGY - It has the Advanced Tri-LACTIV Technology that employs clinically tested and safe ingredients that work at multiple levels of the skin to deliver manifold benefits for optimum results.
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULATION -Trusted and recommended by skin therapists across salons and spas, this formulation comes to you with guaranteed results that you will love!