Intenso Lightening Facial Cleanser (Face wash) exclusively for MEN 200 ml

Intenso is powered by Tri-Lactiv Technology which harnesses natural actives and promises high-end delivery via safe, potent ingredients sourced and tested from laboratories across the globe. Developed as a professional salon and clinical range used by skin therapists, Intenso works to improve skin texture, look and feel and overall well-being of the skin with regular use. A leading and popular choice among acclaimed skin aestheticians across geographies - Intenso's home care range is the most sought after care regimen among regular salon going customers. 

  • FORMULATED EXCLUSIVELY FOR MEN's SKIN - Intenso Lightening Face wash for Men is the first ever exclusive professional formulation for Men's skin. With insights about skin that is irritated with repeated shaving, toughened top layer with hair follicles and excessive sweat glands - this breakthrough formulation is proven for brightening Men's Skin.
  • CLEAN, CLEAR, NO-TAN LOOK - If you've been struggling with a tan and a sweaty, oily look, we heard you! Experience an instantly brighter look, with a clear, clean skin. pH is balanced and continuous use makes the skin supple and moisturised optmially to give a fresh-looking you with every wash.
  • NATURAL RECIPE INSPIRED BY GREEK OLIVE OIL and GLYCERIN - With advanced natural actives inspired by the goodness of Greek Olive Oil and Glycerin, this face wash balance the skin pH, keeps it healthy, glowing and gives an even-look.
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULATION -Trusted and recommended by skin therapists across salons and spas, this formulation comes to you with guaranteed results that you will love!