Intenso DeTan Insta Brightening Pack (Sparkling Diamond with White Mulberry & Milk Proteins)

  • NO BURNING - Intenso De-Tan Pack (Sparkling Diamond) has a revolutionary "no burning" formula that removes tan and offers instant brightening to skin.
  • MILK PROTEINS- Enriched with Milk Proteins that help remove tan, cure blemishes, correct uneven skin tone, the skin becomes naturally glowing and refreshed after each use.
  • WHITE MULBERRY - A trusted natural skin lightening agent that cares, hydrates and nourishes and also offers therapeutic rejuvenation to the skin.
  • RADIANT GLOW - Experience a radiant glow naturally. No irritation, only luminous skin!
  • ENHANCED RESULTS - Can also be used before facials, cleans ups and other services to enhance results.