Intenso Anti Ageing & Lightening Facial For Men (Single Use Kit)

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Intenso for MEN is a first of its kind facial treatment specially designed for Men. Powerful ingredients and a unique product architecture help tackle Men’s skin issues like excessive tan, oiliness, roughness due to frequent shaving etc. 
With a dual pack/mask combination the skin feels moisturized, nourished, lighter & supple after the facial.

Pack Contains:

  1. Deep Cleanser
  2. Derma Peel
  3. pH Balancing Gel
  4. Lightening & Firming Massage Cream
  5. Lightening & Firming Cream Pack
  6. Vita C Peel Off Mask 
  7. Sun Protection Cream 
  1. Deep Cleanser - Apply on face & neck, mildly massage for 3 mins, wipe off with cotton.
  2. Derma Peel - Spread on face & neck, leave for 2-3 mins, massage mildly and wipe thoroughly with wet cotton. Mild tingling for some skin types is common as exfoliator removes dead cells.
  3. pH balancing Gel - Apply on face & neck, mildly massage for 2 mins. Leave on skin do not wipe.
  4. Lightening and Firming massage cream - Massage on face & decollate for 12-15 mins, until the cream will be absorbed fully. No need to touch water, Dab excess with dry tissue if needed.
  5. Lightening and Firming creamy Pack - Apply on face and neck and leave for 10 mins. Remove with moist cotton.
  6. Vita C Peel Off Mask - Add water slowly and whip into a thick non-drip paste, apply on face and neck and leave on for 15-20 mins. Peel off from the edges in a single piece.
  7. Sun Protection Cream  - Dot a small quantity over face and neck, spread thin and blend well.

Patch Test recommended. To be done by a certified salon professional only. Training mandatory for the salon professional before use. For external use only. Please write to for detailed SOP and training.

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