Nutribios Professional is an embodiment of natural secrets and a seal of trust. A wide range of skin, hair and body products with formulations that are strongly rooted in an exotic, ancient and holistic blend of natural recipes, Nutribios is a brand that is widely used and recommended by skin and hair experts at salons, spas.
Nutribios offers “true” single use kits across categories. Advanced high-end facials, exotic fruit luxury treatments, moisture facials, clean ups, peel off masks, natural hair spa, body therapies and rituals, liposoluble waxes, SPF / Whitening creams, face wash, exfoliators, massage creams and serums makes Nutribios the trusted brand partner for salons.
Empanelled across several corporates and premium salons as their chosen brand partner, Nutribios is a leading brand in the professional landscape today.
Apart from salon and retail products Nutribios has trained over 10,000 beauticians and is known for strong salon support through continuous training and education.

"Nutribios Professional" was earlier known as "Ëstrella Professional"